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Our Italian Breads

Sourdough P D Bakery Liverpool


The authentic Italian bread, made with flour of type 1, water and salt.


Semola Bread


Traditional bread from Apulia, made with re-ground semolina flour, water and salt.


P&D Bakery Liverpool Ciambella


Part of the semolina family, this is another top bread from Apulia, as well as Basilicata.


P& D Bakery Liverpool Whole Grain Bread

Whole Grain Bread

Made with whole wheat flour, sourdough, water and salt, this bread is rich in proteins and vitamins.


P&D Bakery Liverpool 5 Cereals Bread

Five Cereals Bread

For the lovers of cereals this is the right bread: made with two type of flour, spelt flour and toasted cereals flour, sourdough, water and salt.


P&D Bakery Liverpool Rye Seed Bread

Rye Seed Bread

With the Rye Seed Bread you can smell Italy. Made with flour type 1, whole wheat flour, rye flour, sourdough, mixed seeds, water and salt. Taste a bit of it and you will be transported in the middle of Italian countryside.


P&D Bakery Liverpool White Panino

White Panino

This is a common bread that you can find all around Italy, It is made with flour type 0, natural yeasts, malt, Extravirgin olive oil, water and salt.


P&D Bakery Liverpool Black Panino

Black Panino

Something different. The colour black is given by the vegetable carbon, perfect for the right functioning of the intestine.


P&D Bakery Liverpool Rosetta Bread


This crunchy bread roll is typical of the North Italy, more specifically from Lombardy. The ingredients are the same of the white panino.


P&D Italian Bakery Merseyside Mafaldina


Mafaldina is a typical bread from Sicily. What characterises this bread is its shape and sesame seeds on top.


P&D Italian Bakery Merseyside Ciabatta

Ciabatta Integrale

Ciabatta is from Veneto in the North of Italy. It is a light bread, thanks to its hydration: more water is used making it than is typical


P&D Bakery Liverpool Focaccia

Focaccia Bianca

Originally from Apulia, this white focaccia is made with durum wheat flour, natural yeasts, milk, butter, extravirgin olive oil, water and salt.


P&D Bakery Liverpool Focaccia Rossa

Focaccia Rossa

From South Italy, this focaccia is made with flour type 0, re-ground semolina flour, natural yeasts, extravirgin olive oil, salt. The red on top is given by natural tomato sauce and oregano.


P&D Bakery Liverpool Focaccia Di Farro

Focaccia di Farro Integrale

This Focaccia is a highly digestible product. Spelt is very high in protein. Its smell and taste are so good.


P&D Italoan Bakery Merseyside

Our specials

We regularly make batches of regional Italian speciality breads. Or by all means ask for something unique.

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Regional Specialities

Even more flavours

At P&D Italian bakery, we make a fantastic range of staple yet unique Italian breads fresh daily. Their authenticity and fresh taste keeps us busy!

We also like to bake some different breads and showcase more of Italy, so we regularly bring in new breads - come back often to try some new Italian regional flavours…

Pane di Matera fresh italian bread liverpool Rosetta fresh italian bread liverpool

There are many bread types found in the different regions of Italy. There are claims that there are over 350 types of bread in Italy, of which many are specific to their regions while others are more widespread and exist based around religious, utilitarian or prepared for celebrations.

Our aim is to create authentic Italian tastes using authentic Italian ingredients. We only use the finest imported Italian flours. We bake using Italian techniques and Italian specialist equipment.

Our award winning breads are baked fresh daily, to be enjoyed by the people of Merseyside and beyond. We enjoy a great thriving location in city centre Liverpool, where our Italian bakery serves fresh bread 7 days a week. Besides our retail outlet, we provide fresh breads throughout the region for many other food outlets and restaurants, who want the authentic taste of fresh Italian bread.

Get in touch with us either by visiting our bakery or contact us if you would like to enjoy the tastes of Italy for your own catered event or on a more regular basis for your business…


Carmine Cillo, P&D Italian Bakery