La Panetteria.
The art of Italian bakery.

PD Bakery - La Panetteria - in Liverpool offers wonderful Italian breads freshly made using authentic ingredients on site. Our baker, Carmine Cillo has won awards for the best bread in the UK and is dedicated to creating the finest, most delicious fresh breads for the Merseyside area and beyond.

PD Bakery Liverpool
Carmine Cillo PD Italian Bakery Liverpool

Carmine Cillo

Welcome to Carmine’s P&D Italian Bakery where you can discover the genuine taste of Italian bread.

When Carmine Cillo was 13 years old he fell in love with baking and making pizza bases and worked in the only Pizzeria in Potenza, Italy. Carmine then began studying at the “Scuola di Pizzeria Italiana” so he could become an expert in his field.

Through his love of baking, Carmine has won a top bakery award from Petra who supply the finest Italian bread making ingredients.

Later, Carmine felt the need to open a family business along with his other members of his family in the historic centre of Potenza. Then the whole family moved to Liverpool to bring a taste of Italy to the City.

P&D Bakery is an Italian Bakery set in the heart of Liverpool. The bread is freshly baked every day and Carmine loves to experiment with many different flours to produce different and unique tasting bread.

“this job is my passion and my life. My customers all tell me they feel as though they are back in Italy when eating my bread! It is very hard work, but it’s worth it when I see happy customers".